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  by: Kuttlefish
03 December 2018

Holiday season is upon us, and so begins the quest to find gifts that are anything but ho-hum!

  by: Kuttlefish
04 November 2018

Americans use enough straws to wrap around the earth 2.5 times every day. That's plastic. That's in our environment. That's absolutely mind boggling! Final Straw, Kuttlefish's latest eco-partner, is here to do something about it...

  by: Kuttlefish
31 May 2018

You may have heard about the “no trash family” who cut back their garbage output to only one mason jar sized amount per year. If you’re like us, you were immediately inspired and ready to up your reuse/recycle game, but simultaneously overwhelmed by the thought of such a drastic shift.

  by: Kuttlefish
21 April 2018

Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year... and this year, we asked a few of our “fashionable” sellers what inspires them to upcycle. Keep reading to hear their stories.  PS. Continue to the end of the post to enter this year’s Earth Day giveaway!

  by: Emily
10 December 2017

Skip the pullover sweater and the latest [over-priced] tech gadget, and get him something that will surprise and delightsomething upcycled.

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