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Making Earth Day Fashionable

  by: Kuttlefish
2018-04-21 14:11:58

Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year. It’s a celebration of the planet that sustains us, and it gives us a special opportunity to champion our passion—the conservation of material resources through reusing them instead of digging into the earth for them. This Earth Day, we asked a few of our “fashionable” sellers what inspired them to upcycle. If their stories can inspire just one more upcycling fan, then it was a day well spent. PS. Read to the end of the post to enter this year’s Earth Day giveaway!

Rosalyn Smith of YarnPunk: upcycled afghan blankets

My passion is upcycling afghans—there is so much time spent making them and then they end up at estate sales and thrift stores—or worse, the landfill. When I look at them, I see beautiful works of art—not something to be folded on the back of the sofa or buried in a closet. That's what has inspired me to create wearable art from vintage afghan blankets.


Nancy Valois of The Witty Moon 2: upcycled women’s clothing

For me, the purpose of upcycling is to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind and to eliminate our dependence on traditional manufactured goods. I like to “paint” with all kinds of fabrics, and love the process of putting recycled materials together, resulting in responsible and fashionable redesigned clothing.

Siân Pottok of Bootaboo: upcycled baby & toddler “sarouel” pants

My son inspired me to create. I wanted him to grow in comfortable pants that would allow him to feel as free as possible in his movements. That's how I started sewing. The upcycling aspect came because I needed textiles and I figured why not cut into my own clothes instead of buying new textiles that would just feed the cycle of overproduction in our societies. I also liked the challenge of using what I had at home. I feel we need to do something to save our planet’s future, and the need to be implicated in this cause and help the best way I can is what motivates me to create more and show more.


This Earth Day, in honor of protecting the planet for future generations, we've teamed up with Bootaboo to give away a one-of-a-kind pair of “sarouel” baby pants. We can vouch that these pants do in fact allow your little one to move freely while also looking pretty darn cute. The proof? The satisfied customer pictured below belongs to Kuttlefish’s founder.


Enter to win on our Instagram page here: GIVEAWAY, and join us in making Earth Day “fashionable” today and every day — especially for the next generation.


Happy Earth Day everyone!


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