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Trending: "Palletable" Patios

  by: Emily
2016-07-07 08:03:59

Upcycled pallet patio furniture may not be a new concept, but we think the examples are just getting better and better. Benches, sofas, tables, name it, someone's made it. In our opinion, the most palatable pallet projects are simple, sleek and highly functional. And, they give us major backyard envy. Check out some of our favorites below:


Source: Place of My Taste


Source: 1001 Pallets


Source: Fresh Ideen


Source: UpcycleArt


Source: Bridgman


Source: I Love Palets


Source: Upcycled Wonders


Source: Pallets Ideas


Source: Decoralism


Source: Pinterest


Source: HomeTalk


Source: Southern Revivals


Ready to DIY but wondering where you can salvage these prized pallets from the "waste" pile? Try asking a large retailer like Home Depot for one, check the Craigslist "free" section, or chat with the Kuttlefish community on our message board to get suggestions. And, don't forget to share your finished projects with us here, and on social media: @kuttlefish, #kuttlefish - we'd love to feature you.


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