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For the Love of Nature

  by: Kuttlefish
2017-04-04 16:20:17

April is Earth Month—time to show mother nature some extra love! It's safe to say everything in our marketplace is paying some respect to the planet, but there are many items that are outright nature-inspired and inspiring. Check out a few of our favorites below, and join in the fun by sharing your Earth Month upcycling projects with us on social media: @kuttlefish/#kuttlefish.


These earrings have literally encapsulated nature - look closely and you'll see the tiny remains of a real plant.

Fused Glass Nature Earrings by Jeremiah Tree Glass


An apropos pairing - vinyl records upcycled into nature's music-making birds.

Vinyl Record Bird Clock by Upstairs Studio


Handcrafted recycled fabric bouquets for when you just want some everlasting flowers.

Fabric Flower Bouquet by White Willow Designs


This maker has taken from the farm to add to the garden - upcycled horseshoes transformed into butterfly garden art.

Butterfly Garden Stake by MC's Finishing Touch


"Charms of the Sea" - an ecclectic mix of vintage shell charms, mother of pearl, shells, coral and beads creating the beachiest statement necklace. 

Vintage Seashell Charms Assemblage Necklace by Opaline1214 


The highlight of these earrings - made from recycled gin bottle glass and recycled silver hooks - is the idyllic New Zealand native flax bush fused onto the surface.

Glass Flax Earrings by Stone Arrow Jewelry


More vinyl record upcycling, but with an acrylic painting technique that has given this butterfly life.  

Butterfly Vinyl Record Art by Push Wisdom


This vintage spoon pendant necklace gives us those 1970s, running through a field of daisies vibes.

Vintage Spoon Resin Necklace by Resinate Designs


For anyone who loves to "watch" nature at work - upcycled watch parts and dragonfly charm brooch.

Dragonfly Brooch by The Upcycle Jewelry Company


This artwork created from commonly discarded items - wood, metal, magazines, soup cans and bottle caps - celebrates the beauty of recycling AND nature.

"Pink in Posies" Artwork by Deane Valentine Bowers Art


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