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What's in the Bag?

  by: Kuttlefish
2017-02-22 16:03:58

In case you haven't noticed, upcycled bags are all the rage at Kuttlefish. Our marketplace is packed with so many high-quality designs and inspiring designers that we just had to call your attention to a few . . . ones that will have people asking "what's in the bag?" (translation: "what materials are in that awesome bag?!"). And boy will you have a story to tell . . .



Hosewear makes eye-catching bags out of fire hoses: "We thought it's rather silly that perfectly good material is wasted when fire hoses reach their standard time of useso we gave them new life." Benefits of a bag made of fire hoses? Your belongings are protected from water, heat and lack of originality. Shop the entire Hosewear collection here.

Neon Tote Bag by Hosewear - $99

What's in the bag? recycled fire hoses


Silent People

Silent People creates one-of-a-kind handbags and totes from vintage and military elements, seeking to "give new life to old pieces which silently tell stories." Bags are handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans, primarily out of military jackets, gaiters, camp hempcots and tents from the early 1920's to 1980's. Shop the entire Silent People collection here.

Shopper Cerato by Silent People - $284

What's in the bag? oilskin jacket, military brown leather jacket, old horse bridles


Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection

Ella Vickers bags are made in the USA from recycled sail cloth. The designer's years of racing sailboats and sewing yacht fabric taught her about the solid construction and marine-grade components needed to create these gorgeous, ocean-durable bags. Shop the entire Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection here.

Tuscany Bucket Bag by Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection - $178

What's in the bag? recycled sail cloth


What Daisy Did

What Daisy Did is a strong advocate of slow fashionand they walk the walk with their high-quality bags made from natural and waste materials. Their timeless designs are meant to outlive the latest temporary trends, and their bags are made to last with durable construction and materials that keep them out of the landfill for as long as possible. Shop the entire What Daisy Did collection here.

Blue Jay Backpack by What Daisy Did - $104

What's in the bag? recycled leather off-cuts



CARAUT reminds us that fabric manufacturing takes a toll on the environment: from the high volume of water needed to grow cotton, to the discarded clothing filling our landfills. Their unique handbags are created using recycled denim jeans, wool skirts, or any other clothing they find with interesting fabrics. Thrift stores, yards sales and estate sales are their gold mines! Shop the entire CARAUT collection here.

Southwestern Crossbody Bag by CARAUT - $40

What's in the bag? recycled denim jeans, southwestern home decor fabric, taffeta skirt, woven belt



VARGU is another upcycled bag designer proving that ecofriendly doesn't mean sacrificing quality, durability and functionality. Their messenger bags made primarily out of recycled tires/innertubes are packed with handcrafted detail, including moveable shoulder pads and reflectors for cyclists. Shop the entire VARGU collection here.

Messenger Bag by VARGU - $157

What's in the bag? truck tires/innertubes, car safety belts, production leftovers of tetron



Coll.Part. transforms overlooked materials into smart and unique fashion accessories. Case in point: their ESCAPADE bag collection made from recycled fish food sacks. "Objects that have a soul, have a story...we hope that our collection will inspire you with escapades, open-mindedness, fun and discoveries that will continue the story." Shop the entire Coll.Part. collection here.

Bilbao Bag by Coll.Part. - $94

What's in the bag? recycled fish food sack


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