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You Had Us At Upcycled

  by: Kuttlefish
2017-02-01 02:26:30

If you're anything like us, your love for something grows infinitely when you find out it's upcycled. First it's shock and awe, then a need to know more, and ultimately a feeling of sheer admiration (and want!). In honor of Valentine's Day (PSA: it's less than two weeks away!), we handpicked a few upcycled gems from the Kuttlefish marketplace that will get that special someone to say... "It's upcycled?! I love it!." 


Steampunk Heart Necklace by Altered Ever After - $25


Pride & Prejudice Earrings by Literary Charms - $8


Green Leaf Earrings by Stone Arrow Jewellery - $50


Coral Copper Rings by Carpe Diem Alchemist - $20


Hearth Key Necklace by Suzanna McMahan - $38


Amber Bead Choker by Brash Design - $12


Latitude/Longitude Cuffs by That's What?! - $80


Vintage Spoon Necklace by Resinate Designs - $34


Red Teardrop Earrings by Remember This 4 - $20


Red Jasper Necklace by Decor Art Plus - $45


I Love You Drawer by Plad - $38


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